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Welcome to Growth Services Global, L.L.C. (GSG).  Founded in 1986, GSG provides leading edge strategic planning and growth consulting services.  We hope you will take some time to learn more about our consulting services.  We invite you to contact us for a free, private and confidential consultation to discuss your organization’s challenges.

Our unique approach focuses on the integration of these services:

FAMILY FIRM ADVISORY SERVICES: Engaging qualified and licensed psychologists
and organizational development practitioners. The complexities and challenges of
family-firm and closely held companies are understood in a business forum where
succession, compensation, inter-personal conflicts, performance and accountability
issues are addressed.

EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT: Based on genuine “CEO Experience” at middle market and
NASDAQ traded levels, the executive coach collaborates in the personal development
of the CEO, including senior members focusing on role fit and performance, job
satisfaction, strategy formation and execution.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Organizational Change Management focuses upon enhancing results by increasing organizational effectiveness and efficiency. GSG’s focus is to improve the client’s competitive edge by injecting an appetite for change into the organization and then turning that focus towards its external environment.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: The development of an adaptive business model and
one year strategic plan linked to the proforma and driven by a defined management
team and supporting accountability processes.

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