Professional Profiles

John E. Quinlan Jr.

John E. Quinlan, Jr. founded Growth Strategies Global, L.L.C. (GSG) in 1986 as the Quinlan Consulting Group and today serves as Managing Director. Mr. Quinlan has designed the firm to operate from a unique philosophy that balances his broad range of experiences in upper management with tested management consulting practices underpinned by behavioral science knowledge.

Mr. Quinlan is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a publicly traded financial services holding company. As a founder, between 1972 and 1985 he guided this organization from inception to 300 employees, $430 million in assets, and with 28 offices in 14 states. His successes and failures during this period played a major role in forming the foundation and operating philosophy of GSG.

Since 1986, Mr. Quinlan has specialized in providing Strategic Business Planning and Change Technology Consulting to companies in Retail, Government, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Transportation, Public Warehousing, Distribution and Food Processing Industries. He has extensive experience in Executive Coaching, Progression/Succession Planning, General Management, Organizational Assessment, Total Quality Management (TQM), Management by Objectives (MBO) Value Chain Analysis and both Pre and Post Merger Cultural Integration. He has also developed joint ventures, strategic relationships and marketing strategies for global clients

Mr. Quinlan has worked with many private and publicly held organizations in the United States and abroad. His consulting experiences include, but are not limited to: Former Governor Buddy Rhoemer of Louisiana, F. X. Coughlin Co., Acorn Windows, Cadillac Coffee, McMillan Bros, PrimeCELL Biotechnologies, Industrial Radiant, Inc., Panell Kerr Forster, BDO Siedman, Broad Voght & Conant, Comerica, The Executive Committee (TEC), International Display Producers, Gail  & Rice, Cox Hodgeman & Giarmarco, Central Detroit Warehouse, Office Pavilion Inc., Great Lakes Woodworking, Michigan Seat Company, Engineering Services Group, Inc., Units of Ford Motor Company and Unisys, Detroit Art Services, Detroit Revitalization, Inc., Progressive Distribution Systems, Pathfinder Air Resources.

As the lead change consultant working with Mayor Dennis M. Archer, Mr. Quinlan developed the first Integrated Strategic Plan for the City of Detroit, encompassing 43 departments and 19 thousand employees.

Mr. Quinlan holds a BA degree in Economics from Albion College, Albion, Michigan and a Master of Science degree in Organizational Development (MSOD) from the American University, Washington, D.C. where he graduated “with distinction” in 1990.

Bruce Gibb, PhD

An Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Bruce Gibb has been in private practice since 1973.

Dr. Gibb specializes in developing the human aspects on an organization. This includes the ability of individual people, their relationships with each other, and the systems they use to lead, organize and manage to perform the work of the organization. He is experienced in guiding union and management people through the developmental phases required to transform their organizations so that they effectively meet the legitimate needs of their customers, employees, managers, owners, suppliers, and the communities in which they reside. Managing organizational transitions and growth is his specialty.

He provides a full spectrum of development related services. These include: individual counseling with executives, development staff, and union leadership; teambuilding: strategic, complex organization development; executive and staff training program design; and the creation of new, high performance systems or the conversion of traditional organizations to high performance systems. These systems are characterized by self-directed work teams and also referred to as sociotechnical systems. He is the co-creator of a radical new transformation process referred to as “large scale or whole system” change which dramatically increases the effectiveness and efficiency of development or transformation efforts.

He has unique experience in cross-cultural dynamics and in developing and managing diversity in organizations. Dr. Gibb has lived and worked in Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. He has consulted with the launch leaders of six greenfield manufacturing plants abroad. One of these recently received the Mexican equivalent of the prestigious Baldridge award. He guides the leaders through specification, design, building, and operating of eight aspects of high performance organizations: culture, strategy, work processes, management/communication processes, personnel selection and training, information systems, facilities and equipment, and financial systems.

Dr Gibb has worked with many private and public organizations in the United States and abroad in agricultural, industrial, energy, financial, government, health and educational sectors. Clients include units of Cargill, Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, LTV Aerospace and Steel, Proctor and Gamble, Rockwell International, Unisys, Vickers Ltd. Public clients include the Cities of Grand Rapids, Detroit and Ann Arbor. Other governmental units include the States of North Carolina and Michigan, the United States Army Chaplains Corps, and the United Nations Development Program. Semi-public clients include Commonwealth Edison in Chicago and the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)

He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Michigan Association of Industrial and Organization Psychologists, the Organizational Development Network, and the International Organizational Development Association. Prior to receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Dr. Gibb served the Ford Foundation as a program officer in New York, and as assistant representative in Chile. He was the training support officer for the Institute of Public Administration of New York in Peru after obtaining a Master in Public Affairs degree from Princeton University.

Philip M. Rice, II

Managing Partner and Founder of the Legacy Results

Rice also services as the facilitator of a business roundtable group sponsored by The
Edward Lowe Foundation, The PeerSpectives Roundtable.

Currently he serves on the Board of Directors (Chairman), as well as the company’s,
Chief Financial Officer, of Zivo Bioscience, Inc., a publically held company

Prior to founding Legacy Results in 2001, Rice’s background included positions as Chief
Operating Officer of Stahl’s Inc. ($75 million multi-national company), Chief Financial
Officer of Gallagher-Kaiser Corp. ($110 million – 1999 revenues – design / build paint
system contractor), including a role as President and CFO of Speedy International, Inc.
(an international print franchisor).

Rice began his professional career at Deloitte & Touche where he became a Certified
Public Accountant (CPA) in 1979 working on international assignments with publicly held
and family owned businesses, including a multiple three year assignment in Germany
and France. Rice has facilitated business transactions in a number of international
regions, including Europe, Asia, Central and South America.

Rice is a Certified Financial Expert as recognized by ExecRank, Inc. He is also a
member of the Corporate Directors Group.

Rice serves on a number of private company advisory Boards. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce
and the Detroit Athletic Club’s Finance Committee.

Rice is a member of the Michigan Association of CPAs and the American Institute of CPAs. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati and became a Certified Public Accountant in Ohio in 1979.

Financial and Treasury matters:
Worked on the Initial Public Offering of Sandy Corp., $35 million (1987)
Worked on Chrysler Public Debt Offerings, $180 million (1988)
Worked on an $11 million acquisition of a British publicly held company,
developed the business plan and financial projections to support the purchase

  • Worked and managed joint ventures and business entities in Japan and
    Philippines (1990 to 1995)
  • Managed the corporate treasury function of a $100 million organization as CFO
    (through 1999)
  • Managed the purchase of an Italian company for $5 million in debt from a USA
    bank, with the support of the US parent company (1999). Within 2 years,
    refinanced all of the debt with an Italian bank with no support from the US parent
  • Successfully restructured the corporate debt of a consolidated parent company
    for $5 million (2001) and helped manage the overall corporate treasury function
    of a $75 million as COO
  • Worked with numerous organizations to help them understand and manage their
    treasury functions, including help in raising angel capital, venture capital,
    subordinated debt and traditional bank debt. Organizations range in size from $1
    million to $100 million.
  • As a function of managing the treasury functions, various models are used and
    implemented, including a rolling 13 week cash flow schedule, rolling 12 month
    projections of financial statements including all elements (Income Statement,
    Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement). The analysis of days outstanding in
    accounts receivable, inventory turns, capital investment, accounts payable days
    outstanding, debt structure and equity injection are an integral part of these
  • Worked with a non-profit organization to manage their debt and cash flow,
    determining the mix between fixed interest rate debt, floating interest rate debt
    and the purchase of forward interest rate contracts with $8 million to $15 million
    in structured debt.
  • Worked with a number of small to medium sized businesses to finance and
    refinance their business operations. Financial debt structuring ranged in size
    from $150,000 to $5 million.


  • Serves as advisor of a start-up company, which includes managing its
    manufacturing supplier located in Taiwan
  • Helped facilitate North American companies to outsource tooling projects in

Patrick Mansfield

President, Mansfield Consulting Group LLC

Patrick has 43 years of experience in providing tax compliance and consulting services to corporate and individual clients, including planning for corporate organization and operation, privately owned company succession planning, alternative minimum tax planning, state and local tax planning, corporate liquidations and employee benefit matters.  He has expertise in planning for privately owned Corporations and their shareholders-employees in both the income tax and estate tax area.  He specializes in working with High Net Worth Individuals and their special planning needs. In addition, Patrick has significant experience in both the buy and sell side activity for privately owned companies.  He worked with Deloitte for 40 years and retired as a Partner in Charge of their Lead Tax Services in June of 2013.  Since retiring he started Mansfield Consulting Group and continues to provide consulting and specialty planning services for Closely Held Companies and High Net Worth Individuals.

Professional Organizations

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants

Not for Profit Organizations

  • Community Foundation for S.E. Michigan, Advisory Council
  • Detroit Crime Commission, Board Member
  • Respiratory Foundation, Board President
  • Beaumont Foundation, Advisory Council
  • Racquet Up Detroit, Board Treasurer
  • Salvation Army, Board Member


  • B.A., Public Accounting, Gonzaga University

Colin Horn PhD

Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant

Colin received his doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1987.  As an instructor in the Residential College and the Department of Psychology, he taught group dynamics and the analysis of interpersonal communication.  As an organizational development specialist and family systems psychologist, he specializes in:

  • Family Business Consulting

The primary challenge in family business consulting is to successfully separate and protect the integrity of both family relationships and enterprise business goals.

  • Executive Coaching for CEOs and individual Executive Leaders
  • The development of Executive Leadership Teams
  • The goal for Executive Team development is to build and sustain organizations that are based on a culture of shared leadership and team accountability. Team development is focused on overcoming the many interpersonal and organizational obstacles that hinder partnership and alliance building among stakeholders, as well as across organizational divisions and boundaries.

Professional Experience

  • Designed and conducted leadership and organizational alignment initiatives for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 Companies, the United States military, technology services, automotive suppliers and retailers, the entertainment industry, and international non-profit organizations in varying cultural settings across the world
  • Engaged with family business leaders to retain family members in ways that protect both family relationships and stakeholder interests
  • Assisted company leaders in developing partnership alliances among their stakeholders to enhance organizational performance
  • Focused on the systematic implementation of team-focused leadership, beginning at the executive level
  • One of the principal architect for the design and implementation of XL2000, an extensive leadership and cultural change initiative for Ford Motor Company and its global retailers
  • Designed and administered assessment instruments that measure an organization’s executive team effectiveness, as well as its relationship with its primary stakeholder groups (leadership orientation, employee culture, partnership alliances and customer focus)