Strategic Planning

The core focus of a business is its strategic vision, mission and direction, its operational preparedness and the strategic planning processes utilized to achieve its established goals and objectives.

Strategic business planning provides an explicit and shared understanding of the nature and purpose of the company. The strategic business plan motivates and directs employees to meet threats and exploit opportunities in the marketplace. It also stabilizes the firm in times of turbulence and uncertainty. It is a blueprint for future success because it defines where the company is, where it must go, and identifies what it must do to get there.

GSG has designed its Strategic and Operational Business Planning services to help its clients develop a “Roadmap” for the future. GSG’s planning practices are methodical, proactive and participative. They are specifically structured to increase competitiveness and position your company for future success. We assist management to identify internal strengths and weaknesses and to align those with external marketing opportunities and threats on a realistic basis. The objective is the development of a formal written Strategic Business Plan. This plan defines accountability systems that enable the organization to become self-directed and self-managed. We teach leadership and management skills in support of the plan that are then embedded into the organization’s culture.

Today’s rapid pace of change compels organizations to create definitive yet flexible strategic and operational business plans. GSG’s approach integrates change management change processes, financial modeling, market knowledge and value chain analysis with participative organization-wide planning. The end result is an in-depth and effective strategic business plan that addresses the complex business challenges organizations face today and in the future.

The planning process consists of the following building blocks:

  • Assessment of the company’s current position including financial, operational, strategic and organizational issues.
  • Identification of critical issues identified by the assessment, and development of action plans to resolve those issues.
  • Development of the company’s desired position.
  • Evaluation of the gap(s) between the company’s current and desired position; and developing and implementing specific strategies to close the gap.

The characteristics of a good plan are:

  • Input from all constituencies, both internal and external.
  • Consistent with direction as expressed in the mission statement and objectives
  • Leverages organization’s greatest strengths and opportunities to create a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Mitigates the most serious threats and weaknesses
  • Action-oriented and flexible to accommodate change
  • Supports a sustainable growth rate strategy for the company
  • Integrated into the proforma/budget
  • Broad dissemination and commitment


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